Friends, for all the grandchildren, Grandfather also remains the most special and close. Grandpa is always like a friend. And do everything for our happiness. And we love our grandfathers equally. Friends, today we have made this post specially on the birthday of Grandfather. And the name of this post is Happy Birthday wishes for Grandfather and in this post we have collected, you will get the shayari, status, and happy birthday messages with congratulations on Grandfather’s birthday. I love you Dada ji.

Best wishes for Grandfather

Who taught to walk by holding hands,
He was called the best father.
But today is his birthday,
whom everyone affectionately called grandfather
happy birthday Dadu.

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I love you, and I want
you to live a hundred years.
Let Health not fail
And there is enough strength for everything,
The mood will be awake,
Despite all adversities.
Happy birthday Dada ji

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grandpa you in my life
A great source of joy and inspiration.
it is very important for me
that I celebrate your birthday as a special occasion
And wish you a long life…
happy birthday dada ji
Grandpa you taught me that thing
Which I cannot forget for the rest of my life.
happy birthday grandpa.

Happy birthday wishes for Grandfather

My grandpa, thank you for all that you do for me.
You’re always there when I needed advice
and when I need a guide through life.
Best birthday to you! I hope you will
enjoy this very special day.
You are the best in the world and the kindest grandfather we wish you to live at least 100 years.
When father is killed, mother saves,
If mother gets killed, you save
Very lucky kids to have a grandfather like you
Happy Birthday Dear Grandfather.

“Grandfather’s birthday has come, has brought a lot of happiness, has brought back old memories, my grandfather has made me a good person Happy Birthday Dear Grandpa.

Happy every moment
No storm of sorrow comes,
Because a wall of protection stands
my grandfather’s name
happy birthday grandpa.

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I have learned so much from you,
especially about the power of friendship
and love from your love and friendship.
Have a great birthday, dear Grandpa.
Grandpa, you’re a sea of love, caring and wisdom that brings endless waves of joy and wonder to my life. I love you.


Friends, hope all of you have liked this post of “Special Birthday Wishes For Grandfather in Images” and you must have celebrated your Grandpa’s birthday with great love and enthusiasm.

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