Sana Khan On Ex Melvin Louis’ “Men Are Victims Too” Post: “This Is Blackmailing”

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  • Sana Khan reacted to ex Melvin Louis’ latest post
  • “I was there standing right in front of him,” she said
  • “He thought he’s going to brainwash me,” Sana added

New Delhi:

A day after Sana Khan’s ex-boyfriend Melvin Louis shared an uncensored audio clip of his conversation with her and allegedly accused her of “mocking” him and his race, the actress, in an exclusive interview to Pinkvilla reacted to his post and called it “blackmailing.” In the audio clip shared by Melvin, Sana can be heard saying in the starting: “I have to humiliate you. The point is, to feel better, publicly.” Talking about her statement, Sana told the publication: “This is blackmailing… A lot of people felt that it was a phone conversation that was recorded but it was not. I was there standing right in front of him while I was breaking up with him…It went for two hours because he was still trying to console me and say, ‘I love you’ and all. He thought he’s going to brainwash me but I was in no mood to take that s***.

“So I just told him that I am going to make all this things public and I am gonna make sure that people know what you have done to me. That is the line I am saying there,” she added.

Sana Khan also alleged that she can be heard crying in the clip because Melvin allegedly hit her and she has pictures to prove that. “This man hit me. I have these pictures of him hitting me, of my broken head and there are bruises on my face and I have still not posted those pictures. This guy was abusive, domestic violence was there and he’s beaten me up. I was crying at that point of time. I got to know and I was like, ‘I am gonna show the world who you are’ and that’s when he started recording.”

Sharing the audio clip on Friday night, Melvin Louis accused Sana of “mocking” his “colour, skin, family and race.” He wrote, “You mocked me ! You mocked my race and my skin color! You mocked my family! You mocked my most favourite people with disgusting allegations! You did your best! I hope you feel better now publicly!”

After dating for almost a year, Sana Khan, last month, confirmed that she and Melvin have parted ways. She shared a lengthy note about her breakup with Melvin, in which she called him “a compulsive cheater and a compulsive liar.” An excerpt from her post read: “This man is dirt and he is disgusting unfortunately it took me a year to find out coz I believed in him blindly. I have taken a stand for myself coz if I won’t, no one will. He is a compulsive cheater and a compulsive liar and this is his regular thing to do with everyone for his fame and popularity.”

Sana Khan is an ex-Bigg Boss contestant and recently appeared on Bigg Boss 13. In Bollywood, she has featured in films such as Halla Bol, Jai ho and Wajah Tum Ho.

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