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Getting abs does not always require gym machines, weights or equipment. Though it does require a healthy diet, dedicated fitness routine and discipline. You can also get perfectly sculpted abs just by doing a handful of exercises in the comfort of your home. Here is Nidhi Mohan Kamal, Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, demonstrating six yoga inspired exercises which will help you in getting those picture-perfect abs.

Yoga inspired ab workout by fitness expert Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Cat cow pose

First exercise to sculpt some great abs is cat cow pose. This yoga pose is a mix of two poses- cat pose and cow pose. This exercise will not only strengthen your core but will also help you relax your spine.

To begin with keep your palms and knees on the yoga mat with your toes curled in. Now inhale in the cat pose along with curving your back inwards. Slowly exhale by coming to cow pose and curving your back outwards. Repeat the same process thrice.


Plank might look very easy to do but in reality, they are the most difficult to hold for more than minute. Planks are very effective in developing abs as they involve both stomach and glutes muscles.

To begin with put your palms on the mat and keep your legs straight towards the back. Make sure your shoulders are directly above your palms. Finally lift your body in a nice straight line. Try holding the pose for 5 seconds and then relax. With more practice you can increase the duration of the exercise. Repeat it three times.

Downward dog

Another pose for building some greats abs is downward dogs. This pose not only crunches your stomach muscles but also increases your heart rate, which further helps in burning fat.

Start with your palms and feet flat on the mat. Your body should be in a triangle position with your buttocks in the air. Now gaze at your navel and hold the position for two breaths.

Dolphin pose

For thi pose,startwiththedownwarddogpose.Keepyourelbowsonthegroundandstickyourforearmstotheground.Youcan bend your knees a bit if you feel any difficulty in breathing. Hold the position for one breath and return to the downward dog pose.

Downward dog and dolphin pose can be clubbed together to make one effective exercise for abs. Repeat the same three times.

Boat pose variation

For this exercise, sit on the mat and lift both your legs. Your legs should be parallel with the ground and your back must be straight. Extend both your hands forward and roll your shoulder backwards. Hold the position for a few breaths.

To make some variations in the pose, touch the floor alternatively with each foot. Just lower your left foot (exhale while doing) to touch the floor and come back up (inhale while doing). Now do the same with the right foot.

Bridge pose

Another amazing exercise to sculpt your abs is the bridge pose. To do this lie down on your back and move place your heels closer to your buttocks. Now lift your upper body while keeping your head and arms on the ground. If possible, touch your chin with your chest and hold the position for a few breaths.

If it is difficult for you to hold the position, you can support your waist by holding it. To step up the exercise, lift one leg upwards while being in the same position. Drop it and lift the other leg in the same way.

Puppy pose

For this pose, keep on all your fours on the mat. Move your arms a bit forward and start coming down as much as you can. Hold the pose for a while, while keeping your buttocks upwards.

If your upper body can take it, bend down and touch your chin to the ground and look forward. Hold the position for a while and come back on all fours to relax.

Child pose

For the last pose, sit with both your legs folded towards the back and bend down. Touch your forehead with the ground and keep your arms on the sides. Make your palms face the sky and hold the position for at least five breaths.

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