Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

There are many occasions in the year to show love to the husband, but the husband’s birthday is special in all these. This is the day when he wants to spoil all the love on his husband. Why not, Hubby’s birthday which comes only once a year. Every moment of this day is special. From cake cutting at 12pm to birthday celebration the next day. So why not make this day more special. How, nothing more, just add the specials. Those specials that bring the word of your heart to your lips. Get words to your emotions, feelings. Read similar articles in MomJunction, especially for Husband’s Birthday, especially for you in English.

I pray every moment,
This love never fails
Thousands of happy birthday wishes,
To be born with just like that.
Happy Birthday Hubby

happy birthday wishes for husband in English

Khuda kare kabhi pyaar kam na ho,
Happiness is every moment in life,
This day of birthday should not end.
Happy Birthday Pati Dev

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

I pray for your birthday,
Always with us
We will never be separated,
Stay in each other’s arms,
This is my promise on my birthday today.
Happy birthday my love

happy birthday wishes for Grandfather

How nice of you
You are so cute
How true you are
And one we are,
Lies are being told
Happy Birthday best husband.

World Best Happy birthday Wishes

I wish my prayers were answered,
You got millions of happiness,
Whatever you want from God,
May you find it in an instant.
Happy Birthday Husband Dev

Romantic birthday wishes for husband

Your birthday has come,
You shadow now old age,
We are young now
You look like an old man now.
Lots of happy birthday husband.

Birthday Wishes for Husband

These moons came down in your arms,
Let your every wish be fulfilled,
Every dream is fulfilled
Let us lose each other in the eyes.
Happy birthday i love you

My heart wants your company,
Wants to realize every happiness in the world,
Just making our love,
This is what the heart wants to pray every moment.
Thousands of happy birthday Pati Dev

Best Wishes For Husband in English

How to say how special you are,
Expressing emotion is the realization,
My companion is the most separated,
Today is the most special day of the year.
Happy Birthday Love

Birthday wishes for husband

Dear husband you are for me,
Just keep doing love,
Aaj mangti hoon aapka saath,
May this dream come true on your birthday.
Happy Birthday

The flowers have sent fragrance,
The sun has saluted you,
Happy birthday to you
We have sent this message full of love.
Happy Birthday John

Chand ko pyari hai uski chandni,
Chandni ko pyari hai raat,
Raat ko pyari hai anmol zindagi,
And you are dearer to us than life.
Happy birthday dear my love

birthday wishes for husband in English

Every single moment of life,
Be imbued with each other’s love,
We always worry about each other,
This is the prayer, happy birthday my dear.
Happy Birthday Love

Happy birthday wishes for wife

Birthday comes once,
But a man like you every day,
Na jaane kitno ki life,
Fills with happiness,
I am very lucky,
The one above has sent you to this place for me.
Happy Birthday Dear

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