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Birthday is the most important day in a year to everyone in this world. We have been celebrating birthdays for decades with music and dance on birthday songs. I thought of sharing the best birthday song available for free to listen on this extra special day, your birthday. I have provided direct link to download happy birthday song in high quality MP3 Audio format here. You can click on the link below and download happy birthday song in mp3 format with high quality audio.

Happy birthday song download options:

There are multiple versions available for the birthday songs to listen or download on internet, I am sharing only the best happy birthday songs for you to download for free here. You will be able to download this birthday song on the next page and don’t forget to check our website for more interesting birthday wishes, songs, greetings and customized birthday song downloads.

  1. Traditional Birthday Song Download
  2. Happy Birthday to you song download
  3. Remix happy birthday song
  4. Funny birthday song download
Happy Birthday song download
Happy Birthday song free download mp3

Traditional birthday song

The first one in the list because this is the most listened and most popular happy birthday song in the world. This traditional birthday song is even registered in the World Records book for the most recognized song in whole world.

Happy birthday to you song

This is a little different from the traditional birthday song that goes like “happy birthday to you”. You can find the lyrics of this birthday song everywhere on internet. Download and listen to this short and sweet birthday song for you and your friends birthday.

Happy birthday to you song

After all the traditional and common birthday songs, it’s time to get energetic for the birthday party with the remix happy birthday songs that will add charm to the party. Get grooving with the awesome happy birthday song remix version to dance.

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Funny birthday song

Tired of listening old and traditional birthday beats? Add fun to the birthday celebration with this funny birthday song for your friends and relatives. I am pretty sure they will love it and laugh out hard while listening to this funniest happy birthday song.

Final Words:

I hope you loved all four types of the birthday songs for your birthdays. I will be adding more birthday related songs and greetings for you to enjoy on your birthday.

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