It is known to everyone that there is heaven in the feet of a mother. There is no such love in this world more than a mother, friends, when we come home, first of all we see the mother, everyone should get the love of the mother,
Friends, mother is the angel that God has made for us, it is known to people of almost every religion. Mother should be the word that every human speaks for the first time. By celebrating that mother’s birthday, we can show our mother’s love and respect for her, we know that you cannot write good quotes or poetry yourself, so we have prepared it for you on a special note.

Happy birthday mother

Friends, everyone has a mother, but mother’s love is not in everyone’s luck. The most unlucky are those who grow up raising orphans. Who can understand the importance of a mother more than them? When they see someone how much a mother loves and cares for her son, friends, today is your mother’s birthday, send her lovely poetry and make her day memorable. Thank you friends.

Birthday wishes for mom

You are an angel to me,
You are a gift from above.
when you are together
So every sorrow stays away.
Wishing everyone on this birthday
May happiness be filled in your heart.
Happy Birthday ma.

Happy Birthday Mom!
Thank you for always showering
me with unconditional love!

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mom you are my world
and without you
It’s dark, it’s dark, miss you
Happy birthday mom mom.

Happy Birthday mother

I love you more than
I could ever express.
Happy birthday mom, I love you.

You manage to fill so many roles in my life:
mom, teacher, friend, and confidante.
I am grateful for all of them.
Thanks for being my everything, Mom.

Happy birthday wishes for mother

The way the flower smells good
I like my mother like that…
God keep my mother safe and happy
I like this prayer in all the prayers…
Happy Birthday Mummy

Every thing about you comes from my soul.
Like the scent of remembrance comes from a hiccup
I get the same fragrance from your body, O mother
Which comes from melting ghee in a worship lamp
Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

Happy birthday mom

You’ve always been there in
all my ups and downs.
I don’t have words to express
how much I love you.
Happy birthday to you.

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There is a celebrity, my dear
My pride which is more than life,
If the Lord gives the command, then I should worship him,
Because she is none other than my mother.
Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday to my amazing mother.
You are the best and I love you so much.
Happy birthday Ma

Happy birthday Maa love you

Happy birthday Mum
On your special day,
I would just like to thank you for being
such a role model in your daughter’s life
Happy Birthday Mummy

Mom if you weren’t with me today
I don’t know what would have happened
Mother will always follow the values given by you.
I will do the same
Happy birthday mom..

Best mom Birthday wishes

A mother who loves her children selflessly.
Mother is the one who only and only herself
thinks for the welfare of the children
And protects them from all obstacles.
Happy birthday mom.

The way you gave me undying love
break every bond and break your happiness
attacked me in my heart too
I have so much respect for you…
Happy Birthday Maa

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Today I want to wish my dearest mom
all the happiness in the world
You are the architect of my life.
Happy birthday to you!

You care, you shower love,
Sometimes you teach and sometimes you explain.
Sometimes you save me and sometimes you become a support.
You made me worthy that I am proud of myself.
May every coming year bring happiness in your life.
May the Almighty give you a long life. love you mom…

Birthday wishes for mom from son

Happy birthday mother

life’s precious gift to me
My dear mother who gives,
happy birthday to you ma

Happy birthday mummy
You’re my Favorite.
Thank you for loving your
son more than his siblings.

The way a craftsman puts pearls in a garland,
In the same way, we all have a family
Thank you my sweet mother for tying it in a garland
happy birthday mummy

Birthday wishes for Mom from Daughter

You are someone
I can always count on
and look up to.
Dear Mom, Happy Birthday!

Dear Mom, I love you today,
tomorrow, and always.
You mean the world to me.
Happy birthday!

my mother is the most beautiful mother in the world
i love you mom happy birthday mom

Thank you mum for always
being on the lookout for your daughter.
Warm wishes and prayers for your birthday!

Birthday wishes mom

God cannot be everywhere,
that’s why He has sent you in
my life to show me right or wrong
and protect me. It is a blessing to me!
Happy birthday Pyari ma..

Birthday wishes for Maa

Happy birthday wishes for mom

When I was little, I used to love listening to you read me stories, because it made it seem like my life was one big, exciting adventure book. It’s your love that gave me my happy ending though. Thanks for always bringing magic and wonder into my life, Mom.

On your birthday you deserve to be treated like the queen you are, Mom. So today I have the laundry, cleaning, and cooking covered. Happy birthday from your loyal subject, aka your favorite child.

I know that you push me because you know that I can do better. Thanks for caring enough about me to believe that I can do anything. Your belief in me builds my confidence as well as my soul.

 I hope that for your birthday every hope, wish, and dream you have comes true today. If anyone deserves such happiness, it would be you, my loving mom.

 Even when my life gets crazy complicated one thing is always simple, your love for me. It’s also always constant and enveloping. Thank you for being a terrific mom.

Mother, I am wishing you a day that is as beautiful and special as you are. A very Happy birthday to you, Mother. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

There is no way to repay a mother’s contribution to her children. For that all you can just love her unconditionally. You should always try to make her happy anyway. A birthday is a special occasion when you can show your love and care to your mother and make her happier by wishing and giving a gift. Your mother deserves the best birthday wish from you.

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